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Earning a Degree This Year? Take Advantage of SIAM’s Early Career Membership

To ease the transition from a student membership to a full regular membership, SIAM offers early career membership at 50% of the regular membership price for the first three years after receiving a final degree ($75 in 2017), then 25% off for the fourth and fifth years ($113 in 2017) instead of $151. If you’ll be graduating this year and not continuing as a student next year, you can remain a part of the SIAM community for just 20 cents a day! 

Renewing from student to early career member
If you are already a SIAM student member in 2017, contact SIAM customer service at [email protected] to confirm your renewal as an early career member next year.

Develop your career

SIAM has many resources for finding jobs and developing your career, including professional ads in SIAM News, various activity group email lists with job announcements, and the SIAM job board. 

SIAM membership opens the door to networking opportunities as you make the transition from completing your education to building a career. With its wealth of resources, SIAM will support your professional journey. Plus, you can make a difference to your profession by getting involved in the association that serves you by participating in activity groups, presenting your research at SIAM conferences, and volunteering to serve on SIAM committees. 

Keep up to date on what’s happening in the field

As a member, you will receive SIAM Review, a quarterly publication providing an overview of the entire field of applied mathematics (in print as well as in electronic format); SIAM News, the news journal of the applied mathematics community; and Unwrapped, SIAM’s monthly member e-newsletter. 


Don’t forget that you’ll receive generous discounts on SIAM conference registrations, books, and journals. In fact, there is a specially-reduced conference fee for the SIAM Annual Meeting available only to SIAM early career members. Plus, as a SIAM member, you can subscribe to any of the SIAM journals, the profession’s most respected peer-reviewed scholarly publications, at a discounted price. 

Additional benefits

Early career members have access to all the same benefits as regular members. If you were a SIAM student member, you may not have been eligible to receive the following benefits. However, as an early career member, these additional benefits will become available to you:
- receive SIAM Review in print and electronic format
- vote, hold office, and serve on SIAM committees
- nominate two students for free membership
- nominate eligible colleagues for the SIAM Fellows program and begin to accumulate the years of membership that will qualify you to be nominated as a SIAM Fellow
- join a SIAM activity group (SIAG)
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