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Congratulations Newly Elected SIAG Officers

New officers have been elected for the following activity groups. Thanks to all candidates for participating in the process. Go to SIAM Connect for more information about the new officers.

Algebraic Geometry (SIAG/AG)

  • Chair: Jan Draisma
  • Vice Chair: Elisa Gorla
  • Secretary: Kristian Ranestad
  • Program Director: Greg Blekherman

Control and Systems Theory (SIAG/CST)

  • Chair: George Yin
  • Vice Chair: Fariba Fahroo
  • Secretary: Maurizio Falcone
  • Program Director: Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

Data Mining and Analytics (SIAG/DMA)

  • Chair: Zoran Obradovic
  • Vice Chair: Jeremy Kepner
  • Secretary: Kirk Borne
  • Program Director: Takashi Washio

Discrete Mathematics (SIAG/DM)

  • Chair: Doug West
  • Vice Chair: Lenore Cowen
  • Secretary: Rick Brewster
  • Program Director: Guantao Chen

Dynamical Systems (SIAG/DS)

  • Chair: Timothy Sauer
  • Vice Chair: Vivi Rottschäfer
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Cherry
  • Program Director: Lora Billings
  • Advisory Board: Danielle Bassett, Janet A. Best, Wolf-Jürgen Beyn, Tasso J. Kaper, Chad M. Topaz

Imaging Science (SIAG/IS)

  • Chair: Naoki Saito
  • Vice Chair: Peter Kuchment
  • Secretary: Marcelo Bertalmio
  • Program Director: Rebecca Willett

Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science (SIAG/MS)

  • Chair: Qiang Du
  • Vice Chair: John Lowengrub
  • Secretary: Maria Emelianenko
  • Program Director: Peter Smereka

Optimization (SIAG/OPT)

  • Chair: Juan Meza
  • Vice Chair: Martine Labbe
  • Secretary: Kim Chuan Toh
  • Program Director: Michael Friedlander

Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions (SIAG/OPSF)

  • Chair: Walter Van Assche
  • Vice Chair: Jeff Geronimo
  • Secretary: Yuan Xu
  • Program Director: Diego Dominici

Supercomputing (SIAG/SC)

  • Chair: Ali Pinar
  • Vice Chair: Karen Devine
  • Secretary: Bora Ucar
  • Program Director: Laura Grigori

All terms are from 1/1/2014 through 12/31/2015 except SIAG/OPT and SIAG/OPSF, which are from 1/1/2014 through 12/31/2016.

Elections of officers for the following activity groups will be held in 2014 for terms of office beginning January 1, 2015:

  • Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (SIAG/APDE)
  • Computational Science and Engineering (SIAG/CSE)
  • Financial Mathematics and Engineering (SIAG/FME)
  • Geometric Design (SIAG/GD)
  • Geosciences (SIAG/GS)
  • Life Sciences (SIAG/LS)
  • Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures (SIAG/NWCS)
  • Uncertainty Quantification (SIAG/UQ)
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