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Changes to SIAM’s Child Care Grant Program

SIAM offers child care grants that provide monetary support for those attending select SIAM conferences with small children.

Beginning in 2020, SIAM will be changing the way in which it administers these grants. SIAM will provide a grant amount of $85 per family per conference day (as opposed to the $250 total per conference that attendees received in the past). The new policy better aligns with a 2018 study conducted by Science magazine’s careers department. 

Child care services, caregiver travel, and other conference-related expenses incurred in the care of dependent children are eligible for reimbursement if they result directly from the parent’s participation in the conference, regardless of whether care is provided at the conference site or at home. 

Since their introduction in 2012, SIAM child care grants have been helping working parents balance their careers and family lives. To apply for a child care grant, look for the application portal on the conference website under “Lodging & Support.”

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