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Central Valley Regional SIAM Student Chapter Conference

Over 80 participants from universities in Northern and Central California attended the second annual Central Valley Regional SIAM Student Chapter Conference, held in April. Hosted by the University of California, Merced Chapter of SIAM, the event showcased student research in applied math. 

The conference recognized students from UC Merced; the University of California, Davis; San Jose State University; and California State University, Fresno for institutional and geographic diversity and their work in expanding undergraduate participation. 

Jessica Taylor—who received the SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition “for her outstanding efforts and accomplishments” on behalf of the UC Merced chapter—aims to increase promotion of undergraduate research at the university. Taylor, the SIAM chapter president and a Ph.D. candidate in UC Merced’s Applied Mathematics graduate group, spoke about motivating more undergraduates to get involved with the chapter and increasing collaboration between the chapter and other student organizations at the university.

Daniella Calvetti, the James Wood Williamson Professor of mathematics at Case Western Reserve University, delivered the keynote address. She spoke about her work on interactions and synergies of uncertainty quantification and numerical analysis.

With a focus on interdisciplinary research, the conference invited participants from various departments across the university. The event ended with a poster session spanning diverse areas, such as sea level rise and malaria immunity. 

— Adapted from UC Merced University News

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