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Call for Papers: SISC Copper Mountain Special Section

The 17th Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods takes place virtually from April 4 - 8, 2022.

As in previous even-numbered years, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (SISC) plans a Special Section, dedicated to recent progress in iterative methods. 

Submissions are encouraged in all aspects of iterative methods including the following areas: 

  • Asynchronous iterative solvers 
  • Eigenvalue and singular value methods and applications 
  • Inverse problems, regularization 
  • Iterative Applications: earth systems 
  • Iterative Applications: energy 
  • Iterative Applications: fluids 
  • Iterative Applications: electromagnetics 
  • Iterative Applications: imaging 
  • Solvers at extreme scale & on high concurrency node architectures 
  • Iterative solvers and machine learning 
  • Iterative solvers in data science and engineering 
  • Iterative solvers and Quantum computing 
  • Optimization of complex problems & Systems 
  • Multilevel solvers 
  • Multigrid methods for partially structured grids  
  • Nonlinear solvers 
  • Randomized iterative solvers and preconditioners 
  • Rank-structured solvers and preconditioners 
  • Robust & scalable iterative solution of coupled multi-physics problems 
  • Solvers for indefinite systems 
  • Surrogate modeling & model reduction 
  • Uncertainty quantification, PDEs with random data 

Submissions will be accepted through June 27, 2022. Attendees and participants of the conference, as well as the general community, are invited to submit papers. Papers will be subject to review by a guest Editorial Board. 


All interested should submit a manuscript and cover letter in PDF format via SISC's online submission site

Note the block labeled Section (just under the keywords block on your submission screen) and select "Special Section” from the dropdown box. Directly below this is a second block labeled Special Section, where you’ll want to select “Copper Mountain Special Section 2022” from the dropdown. 

If any questions, contact Mitch Chernoff, SIAM Publications Manager, or Eileen Echikson, Editorial Assistant. 

Additional information is available here. Questions about suitability of content can be directed to Andreas Stathopoulos.

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