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Announcing Candidates for the Upcoming 2019 SIAM General Election

The SIAM General Election is around the corner! We will be electing a President-Elect, Vice President-at-Large, Secretary, as well as three SIAM Board of Trustees and four SIAM Council members to serve as SIAM leadership. Meet the candidates up for election, below. Full candidate bios will be posted in late August. 

The polls open on September 10, 2019. Make your voice heard! 

* Indicates incumbent


  • Susanne C. Brenner, Louisiana State University
  • Bruce Hendrickson, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Susanne C. Brenner

Bruce Hendrickson


Vice President-at-Large

  • Carol S. Woodward*, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Misha E. Kilmer, Tufts University
Carol S. Woodward*

Misha E. Kilmer



  • Chen Greif*, University of British Columbia
  • Susan E. Minkoff, University of Texas, Dallas
Chen Greif*

Susan E. Minkoff


SIAM Board of Trustees

  • Margot Gerritsen*, Stanford University
  • Alain Goriely, University of Oxford
  • Peter Jimack, University of Leeds
  • Kirk E. Jordan, IBM
  • Randall J. LeVeque*, University of Washington
  • Bonita V. Saunders, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) 
Margot Gerritsen*

Alain Goriely


Peter Jimack

Kirk E. Jordan
Randall J. LeVeque*
Bonita V. Saunders

SIAM Council

  • Don Estep, Simon Fraser University
  • Heike Faßbender, Tech. Univ. Braunschweig
  • Helen Moore*, Applied BioMath
  • Peter J. Mucha, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Naoki Saito, University of California, Davis
  • Valeria Simoncini, Universita' di Bologna
  • Defeng Sun, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Suzanne L. Weekes, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Don Estep
Heike Faßbender
Helen Moore*
Peter J. Mucha
Naoki Saito
Valeria Simoncini
Defeng Sun

Suzanne L. Weekes

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