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7 Reasons to Use MATLAB for Moody’s Mega Math Challenge

Are you participating, or know someone participating, in the Moody’s Mega Math (M3) Challenge but don’t know what tools to use? Here are seven reasons why teams should consider using MATLAB for the M3 Challenge:

  1. MATLAB Speaks Math – Express computational mathematics with ease in MATLAB. With MATLAB, it is straightforward to capture the mathematics behind your ideas, which means your code is easier to write and understand.

  2. Math Modeling - Numeric and symbolic modeling approaches are supported in MATLAB. You can easily build models from data and then evaluate and optimize them.

  3. Learning Resources -

    • Learn to Code – Get familiar with MATLAB in 1 hour! This interactive online tutorial will teach you the basics of programming using MATLAB.

    • Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products – MATLAB offers free, online webinar from our experts to help you understand and practice math modeling.

  4. Industry Standard Tool – Many engineers and scientists working in industry use MATLAB regularly for their work or research. Gaining experience with MATLAB early on can lead to valuable career skills later.
  5. MATLAB Central – An open exchange community for users where questions are asked/answered, code and examples are shared. You can help build a Moody’s Mega Math Challenge specific community by tagging #moodymath

  6. Trusted Results – From sending a spacecraft to Pluto to matching transplant patients with organ donors, engineers and scientists within a wide range of disciplines trust and use MATLAB.  

  7. The Products – As part of Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, participants receive a complimentary MATLAB license along with several other toolboxes to help with statistics, curve fitting, and optimization. 

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If you have questions about MATLAB, please contact [email protected]

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