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Mathematical Models for Fighting Zika Virus

By Carrie Manore, Mac Hyman

Among infectious diseases, mosquito-borne diseases are both ubiquitous and notoriously difficult to manage. Mathematical models that simulate the spread of mosquito-borne disease can help identify trends of where and how the infection will spread, determine the sensitivity of important epidemic qualities, and inform best practices for control.

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Music Visualized by Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

By Miwa Fukino, Yoshito Hirata, Kazuyuki Aihara

Music frequently evokes an emotional response in the listener. However, previous research on the relation between music signal processing and physical properties is not always suitable for analyzing music's emotional effect. In this article, the authors propose a new method for emotional interpretation based on nonlinear time series analysis.

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By George Johnson

Read a letter to the editor, written by a New York Times writer, in response to Hot Hands, Streaks and Coin-flips: How The New York Times Got it Wrong, an article published in the March 2016 issue of SIAM News.

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By W.D. Lakin, B.S. Ng

Professor William “Bill” Hill Reid, a prominent physical applied mathematician, passed away on January 31, 2016, at age 89. He is well-known for his many lasting contributions to the fields of fluid dynamics and hydrodynamic stability.

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Modeling Seismic Waves for Hydrocarbon Exploration

By Alan Schiemenz
Numerical modeling of seismic waves is a well-practiced art within the oil industry, where construction of high-resolution seismic velocity models improves seismic imaging workflows, thus reducing drilling risk and enhancing recovery of hydrocarbons. 
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Applied Algebra and Geometry: A SIAGA of Seven Pictures

By Anna Seigal

In the second of three installments introducing the new SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry, Anna Seigal interprets two images on the journal’s cover illustrating polyhedral geometry and topology of data.

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Simon Levin and Michael Artin Receive  the National Medal of Science

SIAM Fellows Simon Levin and Michael Artin were among nine distinguished scientists and researchers awarded the 2015 National Medal of Science, the highest award for scientific achievement in the United States.

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Mathematical Matchmaking

By James Case

James Case reviews Who Gets What – And Why by Nobel Prize-winner Alvin Roth. Roth describes ways in which the Gale-Shapley matching algorithm can be applied to a variety of real-world problems.

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Teaching Mathematical Modeling to Students

By Rachel Levy

Rachel Levy discusses the new national Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Mathematical Modeling Education (GAIMME), a report co-published by SIAM. The report explores the benefits of teaching mathematical modeling from an early age.

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A Closer Look at  SIAM Activity Groups

By James Crowley, Pam Cook

Executive Director Jim Crowley and SIAM President Pam Cook offer an overview of SIAM activity groups (SIAGs), which are designed to allow members to exchange information and network with colleagues who share similar research interests.

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SIAM Meets with Congressional and Federal Agency Representatives

By James Crowley, Miriam Quintal

The SIAM Committee on Science Policy recently met with representatives of U.S. federal science agencies. Topics for discussion included the Department of Mathematics budget and various proposed new initiatives.

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Newtonian Dynamics = “Spring Theory”

By Mark Levi
A simple but illuminating equivalence exists between Newtonian mechanics of a particle and the statics of Hookean springs. 
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Launch of the Center for Mathematical Modeling  “Carlos Castillo-Chavez” in El Salvador

By Byong Kwon, Rachel Levy

The Universidad Francisco Gavidia in El Salvador, in collaboration with Arizona State University, held its First Congress of Mathematical Modeling in February 2016. The event coincided with the inauguration of the UFG Center for Mathematical Modeling, named in honor of SIAM Fellow Carlos Castillo-Chavez. 

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International MPE Competition

A second international MPE competition for science museum exhibits (modules) was announced at the Next Einstein Forum in Dakar, Senegal, on March 10, 2016.
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The Math Congress of the Americas, better known to some as MCofA, will hold its second Congress in Montreal, Canada, on July 23-28, 2017.
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