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Data Science

By Hans De Sterck, Chris Johnson
The term “big data” has become ubiquitous. People who can wrangle big data are called data scientists. According to a number of sources, there is a growing need for people trained as data scientists. But what is data science? Is data science its own field, or is it an interdisciplinary mix of computer science, mathematics and statistics, and domain knowledge? Or might it really be what statisticians have been doing all along? Because data science at scale involves large-scale computation, what is the relation between data science and computational science?

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Symposium Yields Insights on Big Data  and Predictive Computational Modeling

By P.-S. Koutsourelakis, N. Zabaras, M. Girolami
Everyone is aware of the revolution that has taken place in the data sciences over the last few years and the impact it has had on medicine, commerce, education, and the media. A multitude of reports on the “Big Data” paradigm and the marked success of companies like Google and IBM provide constant reminders. 
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Why Have SIAM Journal Papers Grown So Long?

To the Editor:
Recently at Oxford our Numerical Analysis Group spent an hour looking over early volumes of some journals.  We were struck at how short many of the articles were, presenting a key idea or two in a style that would be unusual now. There are some classic examples of brevity, like Householder’s introduction of Householder reflectors in four pages (Journal of the ACM, 1958) and Cooley and Tukey’s announcement of the FFT in five pages (Mathematics of Computation, 1965).
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The Art of Knowing When and How To Apply Linear Algebra in the Real World

By Kevin Hutson

BOOK REVIEW: When Life Is Linear: From Computer Graphics to Bracketology. By Tim Chartier, Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC, 140 pages, 2015, $50.00.

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A Multifaceted, Multilevel Exploration  of the Physics of Sports

By James Case
BOOK REVIEW: Sports Physics. Edited by Christophe Clanet, École Polytechnique, Paris, 2013, 640 pages, € 40.00. 

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Quick! Find a Solution to the Brachistochrone Problem

By Mark Levi

The brachistochrone problem asks us to find the “curve of quickest descent,” and so it would be particularly fitting to have the quickest possible solution. The problem is to find the shape of the perfectly slippery trough between two points \(A\) and \(B\) such that a bead released at \(A\) will reach \(B\) in the least time in a uniform gravitational field (Figure 1). The following solution (stating that the answer is a cycloid) may not be the quickest there is, but it is the quickest one I know.

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Unprecedented Turnout in Salt Lake City As CSE Conference Marks 15th Year

The SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering has seen dramatic growth since its inception in 2000. CSE15, held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, was in fact the largest SIAM conference to date. The 1687 registered attendees reflect a 23% increase over CSE13—and a four-fold increase since 2000.

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SIAM at the National Math Festival

By Byong Kwon, Rachel Levy
SIAM recruited more than sixty volunteers to help MoMath (the National Museum of Mathematics) operate 20 exhibits at the inaugural National Math Festival in Washington, DC, on April 18, 2015. Among the SIAM volunteers were members from the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area, and student members from Columbia, George Mason, Old Dominion, and Shippensburg Universities, the University of Delaware, the University of Maryland (Baltimore County and College Park), and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Participation of some of the student chapters was funded by SIAM. 
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Louis Nirenberg and John Nash

Louis Nirenberg and John Nash in Oslo, where they received the 2015 Abel Prize on May 19. Honored jointly “for striking and seminal contributions to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications to geometric analysis,” they did not work together but, in the words of the Norwegian Academy, “influenced each other through their contributions and interactions.” A discussion of their main individual contributions appeared in the May issue of SIAM News. In a sad conclusion to a troubled life, Nash was killed with his wife when the taxi in which they were returning to their home in Princeton from the airport was involved in a collision. Nash had received the Nobel Prize in economics in 1994 for his early work in game theory. Photo by Peter Brown. 
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BGCE Prize Finalists In the Spotlight at CSE15

It has become a tradition: After successful sessions in Costa Mesa (2007), Miami (2009), Reno (2011), and Boston (2013), the SIAM Conference on CSE (held this year, March 14–18, in Salt Lake City, Utah) hosted the student paper competition sponsored by the Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering (BGCE) for the fifth time. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, this biannual competition recognizes and promotes outstanding student research in CSE.
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